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We do not speak about it

Anna Kukuczková

„My name is Inna. I never would have thought that anything like this could ever happen to me. I don’t know anybody that has been through this. But I didn’t tell anyone else either. Maybe we just do not speak about it“

Original performance about rape, about brutal intervention into one’s life, one that affects the human soul for a lifetime. How to forget? How to live on? Is one able to forgive under such circumstances?

The performance is inspired by authentic testimonies and stories of women who are victims of rape.

Concept and Performer: Anna Kukuczková
Dramaturgy: Anna Kukuczková, Radim Vizváry
Director: Radim Vizváry
Music: Matouš Hejl
Light-design: David Prokopič

May 25, 2014 premiere, Roxy / NoD, Praha.
The performance was created with the financial aid of the Academy of Performing Arts (HAMU)

Photo: Miloš Potužák