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is a theatre group, represented by the artistic duo Anna Kukuczková – Vojtěch Svoboda. The artistic focus of the group is on exploration, production and development of modern mime and non-verbal theatre. Both performers are between the leading personalities amongst the emerging generation of young mimes and actors of physical theater. They have completed their studies at the Department of Pantomime at the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague, and have extensive experience in both the Czech and international theatre scene. After their latest succesful production, titled „Absurdettes“, they are currently preparing a new show, to be premiered this autumn.

Anna Kukuczková

actress, mime, elocutionist, and dancer.
Already as a little goatling devoted to dance, theatre and music. Thanks to her beginnings at the drama pasture, she got to know pantomime and decided to skip off into the mime glade. She studied acting at VOŠ and mime at the Academy of Performing Arts, where she met her goat college Vojtěch. She has created a great number of solo pantomime etudes and acts, and has been part of many mimic, clown and opera performances. Anna also works with groups such as Mime Prague, Sacra Cirkus, and Tichá Opera. She externally cooperates with the National Theatre aswell.

She has a wide spectrum of genres, refined movement vocabulary and is seen frequently on both czech and foreign meadows.

Vojtěch Svoboda

mime, actor, director, and pedagog.

Has been interested in theatre already in a goatling age. He extended his studies at the Department of Pantomime (Academy of Performing Arts in Prague) with a seven-month internship at the die Etage art school in Berlin. His artistic focus is broad, and he has produced a fair number of etudes and theatre productions in the genres of pantomime, nonverbal theatre, drama, clown, commedia dell’arte, dance, opera, physical theatre and puppetry.

He performs as an externist in the National Theatre in Prague, and works alongside other groups such as Mime Prague or Sacra Cirkus.

Besides frollicking around on stage, he also directs. His productions includes „Robo Erectus“, „The Master and Margarita“, or the most recent opera: „Anne, to gaze at the sky without fear.“ As a lector, he teaches regularly in Prague as well as at different czech and international festivals.