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Anna Kukuczková & Vojtěch Svoboda

A series of original etudes with different themes. The acts vary between 5-10 minutes, meaning the show itself is very moldable and flexible, regarding both time and space, but also themes appearing in the show.
All stories are more or less based on absurd situations, as you can make out from our favorite quote:

„Only in the precise meaning, can one call a thing or action absurd, which it in itself bears difference or irregularity that is totally apparent and general taste denying.“

(Otta’s Encyclopaedia 1888)

Concept, Directing, Performing: Anna Kukuczková and Vojtěch Svoboda

Photo: Kasia Chmura-Cegiełkowska a Miloš Potužák

Special Thanks to:
Ondřej Holba, Tomáš Kasprzyk, Anton Eliáš and The Academy of Performing Arts in Prague.