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We do not speak about it

Anna Kukuczková has, during her short artistic career, worked herself into a personality whose qualities cannot be doubted by any expert. Amazingly flexible, with an exceptional technical background. Sought for by directors for her incredible creative passion and thirst to work. The whole performance is precisely built and escalates, making it readable for the audience, owing also to the the psychologically believable sequence of mental states of the character.

They perform thus – sometimes with the risk of being misunderstood – from the artistic limitation and social isolation of this field, as free thinking artistic individuals. It is a process that with time can bring new progrtam and blood to the program.

from the 20. November 2014, NoD

Ladislava Petišková

We do not speak about it, Taneční aktuality


What was it once, what is it today, and what will it once be? Absurd, of course! The pair of mimes Anna Kukuczková and Vojtěch Svoboda have created five consecutive, freely- connected etudes, in which they mainly reenact the absurdity of human relationships. The acts themselves were clever and superbly acted.

ZlomVaz 2016

Alena Joachimsthalerová

Bylo, nebylo, Absurdno

Perpetuum mobile

Mr. A, a post-kavka man, is in prison. He rages, despairs, desires, thinks, adapts to his enemy background, dreams, practices, dances. Freedom is in reach, but endlessly far away. Vojtěch Svoboda coped brilliantly with the Perpetuum, of course. Who knows, maybe Radim Vizváry won’t be the last mime to be noticed by the Thalia award.

10. of February 2017

Jiří P. Kříž

Perpetuum mobile fantazie plné, Právo

Perpetuum mobile

Vojtěch Svoboda’s performance was at a high level, even though the acting style was different from his usual repertoir, in which he excels in stylised pantomime. The piece is a must for all Havel followers and admirers, as well as for those who only know him as Mr. President. It defends the very principles o freedom, and is very topical, as we are not yet rid of all pre-revolution era problems. We have just transformed them into something different, and they remain an open challenge for all mimes and actors.“

from the premiere 6.10.2014 in the Václav Havel Library

Alexej Byček

Havel a pantomima: slabá prvotina, nebo mistrova výzva?, Taneční aktuality


Both performers interpreted all situations precisely and clearly. Personally, i found most interesting both respective solos of the performers. Kukuczková was able to create the story of a woman, who driven by her surroundings and situation to the only possible escape, without pathos or parody. Equally compelling, Svoboda showed excellent technical skill with characters and space in his work.

from the show 30.11.2016, Inspirace Theatre.

Kateřina Korychová

Absurdettes, hold onto your sign! , Taneční aktuality

Perpetuum mobile

The entire arc of the psychological life of the character accumulates into hope, motivated by the prospect of being released soon, and Svoboda interpets this in a brilliant euphoric dance in which his only partners are the prison chair and table. This moment of freedom is however erased with a sudden and absurd ending up in a different cell. Due to the incredible atmosphere of the venue blessed by Havel, Svoboda’s performance was concentrated and whole, awarded with an exceptionally long ovation. In my opinion, this performance deserves to be put on repertoire on one of Prague’s many contemporary theatre scenes

from the show 1.8.2015, Hrádeček

Ladislava Petišková

Pantomime on Hrádeček, Taneční aktuality

Perpetuum mobile

Vojtěch Svoboda highlights the neutral and everyday basis of the character, whose actions balance on the brink of tragedy and comedy. The complexity of Havel’s text has moved him (as a young mime) from the technique of classical pantomime to a a more natural domaine of physical expression. Svoboda’s character is thus set in a conteporary theatre style.


Ladislava Petišková

7 days in prison, Taneční zóna

Perpetuum mobile

The main character, Mr. A was played by the most talented Vojtěch Svoboda. His play and work with props was original, especially with the mask made out of bread. He didn’t hesitate in showing a silent puppetry passage with his own fingers in the style of Charlie Chaplin or drawing on his own body. His very concentrated performance was accompanied by a musical piece by Vlastimil Matoušek, who was Havel’s and Dienstbier’s cellmate. The piece perfectly articulated the depressing atmosphere and feelings of the character’s inner world, and worked perfectly with the original text and performance of the young mime.


Ladislava Petišková

Perpetuum mobile a.k.a a new try on Havel, Lidové noviny

I have come to know both of them as compelling and versatile actors, and I know Vojta as an dedicated and inspiring director. I gratulate them on creating their own company, and I wish them the best of luck, sucess, the support of their peers, and large audiences!

Anke Gerber

Goat in a Coat challenges you to observe pantomime in a fresh way. Their expressing of life on stage is every time creative, innovative and yet technically superb. Their work leans on the tradition of the art of pantomime and brings an absurd twist to it – with a bright twinkle in their eyes. I’m always looking forward and excited to see how the company moulds scenes from everyday life to pure magic on stage. I encourage them to dig even deeper to absurd and beautiful moments and stories!

Heli Väätäinen